Wpf progressbar value not updating

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Code-behind is where the magic happens in this example.In the constructor of the window, we create a Dispatcher Timer instance.If this requires some more complex object to be passed to Completed event, I simply do this at the end of my processing loop in the worker: Cheers, Make It So "Knowledge is power. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family." (Kofi Annan) Oppose SOPA, PIPA, ACTA; measures to curb freedom of information under whatever name whatsoever.

Just be aware that if you do something complicated in your Tick event, it shouldn't run too often, like in the last example where the timer ticks each millisecond - that will put a heavy strain on the computer running your application.From* methods, like From Seconds or From Minutes, or create a new Time Span instance that completely fits your needs.To show what the Dispatcher Timer is capable of, let's try updating more frequently... As you can see, we now ask the Dispatcher Timer to fire every millisecond!It does pretty much the same thing, but instead of dropping it on your form, you create and use it exclusively from your Code-behind code.The Dispatcher Timer class works by specifying an interval and then subscribing to the Tick event that will occur each time this interval is met.

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Therefore my business logic can never know synchronously if it should continue with the next part of the code.

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