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Who is r b singer ciara dating

It might be one of my most favourite and cherished scents.It lasts and lasts, and you really need 1-3 sprays MAX!!!

There's also a functional clean laundry smell to it and I'd say that if you're not sentimentally attached to Ciara, it smells a bit like a special edition fabric conditioner. Give this one a minute to develop and chill out and the result is Amazing.A more complex, serious, grown-up relative of Heaven Scent. Edit: Full disclosure: While I enjoy smelling this fragrance, it's not really my cup of tea for actual wearing.The powder is a little TOO classic drugstore for my taste (while it's exactly what others crave). So overlooked and this is such a sad loss for so many of us!That's when I could detect the patchouli, sandalwood and incense, all of which made this feel more wearable for me. Any time during the day when I feel stressed (like when I'm dealing with L. I like to layer it with Bath & Body Works A Thousand Wishes body cream for a little extra sweetness and oomph. Adding another quick review - just tried Shalimar for the first time recently and I was wondering what it reminded me of... I had the 100 formulation - not all of it, but the leathery note in particular is very close to Shalimar. When I first purchased a bottle in the 80's, the saleswoman told me to buy the 100 strength. The 200 appears now and then on EBay for 0 plus.Of course Guerlain uses much more expensive, high quality ingredients than a cheap (but awesome! Awesome during cold weather, and a great excuse to go Bohemian from head to toe.

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So far it isn't a love, but I do like it and I can definitely see it getting some use this winter. I chose the 80% version because 100% is a absolute BEAST and while I usually prefer a enormous silage, I felt this one in particular would wear better with a softer, more subtle aura than an aggressive cloud.