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We had only one more day to do the show, and we were still LIVE.So throughout the broadcast we showed the pictures and resumes of all of the newly unemployed staff members.One was called Hunan Wok University, because it was on University Avenue.The other was called Szechuan State, because it was on State street.

But the always witty and cool-headed Hal Gurnee, the show’s director, brought in a handheld camera to capture it all in an artistic low-angle shot.

On this, the eve of the finale of a show I had a hand in creating, I have been repeatedly asked to offer a few thoughts.

Toward that end, I have compiled the following group of clips. All of them were brought to life with the help of a great staff full of talented people who got the joke and played along accordingly.

Kathleen Ankers, who appeared on the show as the Bookmobile lady, ran the art department and would patiently find a way to manufacture a decent working version of whatever it was we requested. we call it the giant phony doorknob and it’s a panic.

Of the hundreds of crazy things I saw her make, some of the ones that have stayed with me were by the always brilliant George Meyer. This over-sized jumbo knob is much larger than it oughta be. Simply attach it to an ordinary door and then wait for the fireworks.

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From time to time I think of the incredibly peculiar objects we had made to order for an assortment of comedy pieces we referred to as “wacky props.” To create these, we commonly paged through the mail-order catalogs of the time, finding inspiration in their approach to merchandizing and copy writing.

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