Updating magellan 3100

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Updating magellan 3100

There are some help files, but no step-by-step instructions that I could find.

Download the Content Manager Toolbox under the "Updates" tab on the Magellan web site under the "Support" menu. When you done, if you truely promise to act on your kindness, then use the password all small cap below. POI, nevertheless.) Unfortunately, it will NOT work for other Magellan model. You don't have to show me any proof that you donate, just act from your heart.No matter what your shipping needs, Walmart's got you covered.the published 6 million POI update on the web, though a big pain in the arse to download and extract, actually works! also, the instructions allow for easy update to a POCKET PC if you know what you are doing! Magellan has farmed everything out to India and they no NOTHING .

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