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Once inflammation is reduced the secondary vascular narrowing is improved allowing increasing amounts of red blood cells carrying oxygen to reach the hypoxic areas and SPECT scans will once again "light up" turning from blue to yellow.SPECT scans demonstrate the relative amount of blood that is able to reach the different areas in the brain.In my clinic improved bowel function is in the top 20 most commonly seen benefits.I explain to my patients that to get cockroaches out of the kitchen, I can either kill them with my shoe or turn on the light.Onionskin Onlay Online Viewing Ooze Opacimeter Opacity Opaque Opaque Pigment Opaque Projector Opaquing Opaquing Fluid Open Architecture Open Bolts Open End Envelope Open Face Vacuum Frame Open Loop Open Negative Open Prepress Interface Open Press Open Side Envelope Open Software Foundation Open Up Shadows Open-Flame Dryer Open View Operating Side Operation Operator Operators Opti-Copy II Optical Alignment Optical Brightener Optical Brightness Optical Center Optical Character Reader Optical Character Recognition Optical Density Optical Dot Gain Optical Fiber Optical Jump Optical Media Optical Memory Disc Recorder Optical Printer Optical Resolution Optical Scanner Optical Spacing Optical Storage Optical Tape Optical Volume Optical Whitener Option Key Option Module Orange Orange 2G Orange Book Orange Peel Orange Plast Ordinate Org Chart Organic Color Pigments Organosol Orientation Origin Original Ornament Orphan Orphaned Pages Orthochromatic Orthographic Projection Oscillating Form Roller Oscillator OSD OSF/MOTIF Out of Register Out-of-Gamut Alarm Out-of-Roundness Out-Point Outdent Outgoing Links Outline Outline Characters Outline Font Outline Format Outline Halftone Outline Mask Outlining Capability Output Area Output Bound Output Density Output Devices Output Hopper Output Optics Output Primitive Output Tube Outside Margin Outsourcing Over-and-Back Fold Over-and-Over Fold Overcorrection Overcut Overfeed System Overhang Overhang Cover Overhead Scanner Overhead Transparency Overinked Overlay Overlay Color Proof Overlay Module Overleaf Overpacking Overpressure Overpressure Range Overprint Overprint Colors Overprint Varnish Overprinting Override Automatic Forecasting Overrun Overscan Overset Oversewing Oversize Overstrike Characters Overstroke Oxidation P, p P-Code (Pseudo-code) Pacing Pack-Up Packet Packing Packing Creep Packing Cut-Off Packing Gauge Pad Pad Transfer Printing Padded Cover Padding Padding Glue Page Page Composition Page Definition Page Description Language Page Flex Page Geometry Page Image Page Item Identifier Page Layout Program Page Layout Software Page Makeup Page Makeup Software Page Map Page Mode Page Printer Page Proofs Page Scrolling Page Segment Page Maker Pages Per Inch Pages Per Minute Pagination Paint Paint Brush Paint Program Paint System Palette Palette Shift Pallet Palmtop Pamphlet Pan Panchromatic Panel Panel Pictures Panorama PANTONE PANTONE Open Color Environment Paper and Papermaking Paper Brightness paper finishing Paper Gloss Paper Grade Paper Grammage Paper Jam Paper Master Paper Memory Paper Negative Paper Path Paper Sensing Switch Paper Source Paper Stencil Paper Stiffness Paper Surface Efficiency Paperback Paperboard Paperbound Paperless Office Papeterie Papyrus Para Reds Paradigm Paragraph Paragraph Indent Parallel Fold Parallel Printer Parallel Projection Parallel Run Parallel-Receding Press Parameter Parameter Tape Parametric Design Parchment Parchment Paper Parity Bit Parity Check Parser Parsing Part-Title Partial Immersion Partial Page Particle Animation Pass Pass Sheet Passive Device Passive-Matrix Paste Paste Drier Paste Ink Paste-Up Pasted Open-Mouth Pasted-Valve Stepped End Paster Paster Wheels Pasting Pat-Out Patch Patent Base Path Pattern Pattern Style PBOM PCC PCQ PCR PCT PCX PDES (Product Data Exchange Specification) PDF/X PDS Peacock Blue Peaking Pearlescent Pebble Finish Pedestal Up/Down Peel Adhesion Peeling Peer-Quality Graphics Pel Pen Pen Computer Pen Plotters Penetration Penetration Tube People Percent Percent Elmendorf Percent Mullen Percent Tensile Perfect Binding Perfect Casebinding Perfect Press Perfecting Perfecting Press Perfector Perforating Perforating Rule Perforation Perforation Tear Strength Perfumed Ink Perilla Oil Peripheral Permanence Permanent Adhesive Permanent Font Permanent Internal Font Permanent Red "R" Permanent Red 2G Permanent Red FRL Permanent Red FRR Permanent Violet Persian Orange Persistence Persistence of Vision Personal Computer Personal Computer Memory Card International Association Personal Publishing Personality Perspective Interpolation Persplex PERT Chart Perylene Red Y Peta- PEX Phase Phase Modulation Phenolic Resin PHIGS Phloxine Phonetics Phong Shading Phosphor Phosphor Persistence Phosphorescence Photo CD Photo Conversion Photo Detector Photo-Reactive Vehicle Photocombining Photocompositing Photocomposition Photoconductor Photocopy Photodiode Photodiode Array Photoengraving Photographic Element Photographic Justification Photographic Proof Photographic Screen Printing Photographic Screen Printing Plate Photography Photogravure Photoinitiator Photolettering Photolithographic Photomechanical Photomechanical Transfer Photomultiplier Tube Photopolymer Photopolymer Plate Photoposterization Photorealism Photoreceptor Photorepro Photoresist Photoscreen Photoscreen Stencil Photosensitive Resist Photosensitizer Photostat Photostencil Phototypesetter Phototypesetting Phototypography Photo YCC Phthalocyanine Blues Phthalocyanine Greens Physical Physical Dot Area Physical Dot Gain Physical Page Pi Characters Pi Font Pi Type PIC Pica Pica Point Pick Pick Resistance Pick Tester Picking Pickout Pickup Pickup Sucker Picon PICT PICT2 Pictograph Picture Picture Element Picture Method Picture Stop Picture-in-Picture Picture/Symbol Library Pie Chart Piece Accent Piece Fraction Pied Type Piezo Electric Force Transducer PIG Pig Bristles Piggyback Form Pigment Pigment Emulsion Pigment Paper PIL Pilcrow Pile Feeder Pile Table Pile Wedge Piling Pin Feed Pin Register Pinch-Bottom Open-Mouth Pinhole Pinholing Pinouts Pipe Pipe Roller Pipeline Pitch Pits Pivot Point Pixel Pixel Array Pixel Density Pixel Depth Pixel Manipulation Pixel Replication Pixel Swopping Pixel-Oriented Pixelization Pixellation Pixels Per Inch Placement Plain Edges Plain Paper Plain Vanilla Workstation Planet Press Planographic Planography Plasma Panel Plastic Comb Binding Plastic Laminated Paper Plastic Plate Plasticizer Plastisol Plate Plate Blinding Plate Clamp Plate Cylinder Plate Finish Plate Flaking Plate Scanner Plate-Feed System Platemaking Platen Platen Press Platform Play Plenum Cable Plot Plot File PLOT4B Plotters Plow Fold Plow Folder PLPA (Pageable Link Pack Area) PLT Plucking Plug Plug-In Plugged Plugging Plumber Ply Plybond Strength PM PMA PMF PMTA PMTA Greens PMTA Pink PMTA Rhodamine PMTA Victoria Blue PMTA Violet Pneumatic Screen Printing Machine Pneumatic Stretcher PNT Pocket Pocket Fold Pocking Point Point of Sale Point of View Point Size Point System Pointillism Poison Polar Polar Coordinates Polar Solvent Polish Out Polishing Polyamide Polyester Polyethylene Polygon Polygonal Modeling Polyhydric Alcohol Polymer Polymerization Polyolefin Polypropylene Polystyrene Polyvinyl Acetate Polyvinyl Alcohol Polyvinyl Chloride Polyvinyl Chloride Acetate Polyvinyl Fluoride Polyvinylidene Chloride POM Poor Trapping Pop Test Porosimeter Porosity Portable Color Portable Document Format Portable Document Format/Talk Portable Job Ticket Format Porting Portrait Position Proof Positive Positive Printing Positive-Working Positive-Working Plate Post Post Binder Post Hardening Post-Process Post-Treatment Postal Bristol Posterization Posterize Posting Finish Postprocessor Post Script Post Script Clone Post Script Level 1 Post Script Level 2 Post Script-Compatible Posture Potassium Bichromate Pound Sign Powder Gravure Powdering Power Mac Power Supply Power Surge Power User Power-On Hours Power LAN ppi PR/SM Pre-Etching Pre-Fetching Pre-Positioned Accent Pre-Production Pre-Roll Pre-Separated Art Precedence Code Precedence Coding Precipitation Precision Precision Sheeting Preface preflight preflight/Talk Preformatted Charts Prekissing Preloading Premastering Prepress Prepress Proof Preprinted Form Preprocessor Prescan Analysis Prescreen Presensitized Plate Presentation Presentation Graphics Presentation Manager Press Gain Press Proof Press Section Press Sheet Presscake Pressrun Pressure Foot Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Pressure-Sensitive Label Pressure-Sensitive Paper Pressurized Groundwood Pressurized Screen Printing PRIDE Primary Colors Primary Font Primary Indent Primary Leading Primary Rate Interface Primary Side Head Primer Primitive Primitive Attribute Print Block Print Box Print Contrast Print Direction Print Engine Print File Print Job Print Position Print Production Format Print Quality Print Server Print Service Print Suppression Printability Printability Tester Printable Area Printer Printer Description Language Printer Driver Printer Font Printer Paper Printer's Error Printhead Printing Printing Area Printing Base Printing Bed Printing Couple Printing Cushion Printing Head Printing Nip Printing Opacity Printing Plate Printing Press Printing Pressure Printing Processes Printing Screen Printing Sequence Printing Stroke Printing System File Printing Table Printing Unit Printout Printwheel Print Wiki Print Wiki Guide Print Wiki Project Print Wiki/Guidelines Print Wiki/Neutral Point of View Print Wiki/No Self Promotion Print Wiki/Policies Print Wiki/Policies/Deletion Print Wiki/Policies/Deletion/Immediate Print Wiki/Policies/Deletion/Proposed Print Wiki/Policies/Disputes Print Wiki/Policies/Enforcement Print Wiki/Policies/Privacy Print Wiki/Policies/Vandalism Print Wiki/What Print Wiki is Not Priority PRN Pro-Photo CD Problem Solver Process Process Camera Process Color Process Colors Process Control Process Inks Process Lens Process Photography Process Printing Processor Product Definition Production Production Artist Production Control Room Production Coordinator Production Editing Production-Level Video Professional Graphics Adapter Proform Vision Prog Program Programmers Hierarchical Interactive Graphics System Progression Progressive Proof Project Management Projection PROM Proof Proof Marks Proof Press Proofing Proofing Printer Proofing Stock Proofreader Proofreader's Marks Proofreading Proportion Rule Proportion Scale Proportional Font Proportional Spacing Proportional Type Proportional Width Proportionally-Spaced Type Proposal Estimate Proprietary Alcohol Proprietary Software Proprietary System Propylene Glycol Protection Master Protocol Suite Prototype Proximity Searching Proxy File Prussian Blue PS Pseudo-Color PSF PSF/MVS Psychrometer PTA PTF Public Domain Public Domain Software Public Key Encryption Public Network Publishing Publishing Interchange Language Puddle Method Puff Ink Pull Pull Quote Pull Test Pulldown Pulp Pulping Pulpwood Pulse Code Modulation Punch Perforation Punched-Out Label Punching Punctuation PUR Purple Push Pushout PVA PVDC PVF PVSE Px64 Pyrazolone Orange Pyroxylin Q, q Q-60 Q-Bus QT Quad Quad Center Quad Center Lock Quad Fold Quad Left Quad Lock Quad Middle Quad Right Quadding Quadplex Quadracolor Quadratone Quadruple Quads Quality Control Quantizer Quark Inc Quark XPress Quarter Binding Quarter-Inch Cartridge Quartertone Quarto Quartz Lighting Quartz-Halogen Lamp Quartz-Iodide Light Question Mark Quick Wiki Tips Quick-Connect Block Quick-Set Ink Quick-Setting Quick Draw Quiet Zone Quinacridone Magentas Quire Quoin Quotes QWERTY r R, r Radial Fill Radiation Curing Ink Radio Frequency Identification Radio-Frequency Interference Radiosity Radius Printing Rag Rag Content Rag Left Rag Paper Rag Pulp Rag Right Ragged Ragged Left Ragged Right Rail Rail Line Railroad Tracks Railroading Raised Initial Ramp Random Lines Random Proof Random Setting Raster Raster Data Raster Display Raster Graphics Raster Image File Format Raster Image Processor Raster Pattern Raster Scanning Raster Trapping Raster-Fill Raster-Pattern Storage Rasterization Rational Screen Angle Raw Data Raw Stock Ray Tracing Raydiosity Re-Etch Reaction Shot Readers Read Mac Real Hyphenation Real Image Real Mode Real-Time Animation Real-Time Image Generation Real-Time Operating System Ream Ream Marker Rear Projection Rear Screen Receive Only Receiver Receiving Device Recent Changes Reciprocating Platen Diecutter Recirculating Signal Reclaimed Screen Reclaiming Reclaiming Solution Record Record Gap Records Processing Recovered Fiber Recto Recursion Recycled Paper Red Red Book Red Patch Red, Green, and Blue Redesign Redline Reducer Reduction Reduction Rate Redundancy Redundancy Check Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks Redundant Data Reel Curl Reel Rods Reference Reference Black Level Reference File Reference Marks Refiner Mechanical Pulping Refining Reflectance Reflectance Model Reflection Reflection Copy Reflective Beads Reflective Ink Reflective Sheeting Reflex Blue Refraction Refresh Refresh Cycle Refresh Rate Regenerate Register Register Block Register Marks Register Motor Register Paper Register Plate Registration Registration Mark Regression Reinforced Endsheets Related Italic Relational Database Relative Address Relative Humidity Relative Unit Release Release Paper Relief Relocatable Code Remoistenable Pattern Gluer Remoisturizer Remote Control Remote Terminal Remote User Removable Adhesive Render Rendering Render Man Interface Rep Repeatability Repertoire Replenisher Replication Reprint Rights Reproduction Paper Reproduction Proofs Reproduction Ratio Reprographic Paper Repurposing Requester Rerun Rerun-Point Rescreen Reservoir Reset Residual Resilience Resiliency Resin Resin Reclaim Resin-Oil Vehicle Resin-Wax Vehicle Resist Resistive Monitor Resistive Ribbon Resolution Resolution-Dependent Resolution-Independent Resource Resource-Loading Report Respi-Screen Response Frame Response Page Restart Retarder Reticulation Retouching Retrieval Return Blade Return Card Return Key Reversal Film Reversal Processing Reverse Reverse Folio Reverse Leading Reverse Overlay Reverse Printing Reverse Slip Nip Reverse Type Reverse Video Reversible Display Revise Rewetting Rewinding Rewritable Consumer Time Code Rewritable Optical Disc RFT RGB Color Space RGB Encoder RGB Monitor RGB Video Rhodamine 6G Ribbon Folder Rice Rice Paper Rider Roller Ridge Ridging Right Justified Right-Angle Fold Right-Angle Folder Right-Handed Coordinate System Right-Reading Rigid Disk Rigidity Ring Binder Ring Crush Ring Network RIPing Ripped Ripping Ripple Ripple Finish RISC-Based Workstation Riser River RJE RMF Road Warrior Rock Ridge Roll Roll Coating Roll Hardness Tester Roll Label Roll Nose Roll Sheeter Roll Stand Roll Up Roll-Fed Imagesetter Roll-Out Roll-Set Curl Roller Controller Roller Setting Roller Stripping Roller Train Roller-Feed Scanner Roller-Setting Gauge Rollerball Rollover Roman Roman Numerals ROP Colors Rope Marks Rosette Rosin Rotary Cutter Rotary Ink Rotary Press Rotary Printing Rotary Screen Printing Rotary Union Rotary-Drum System Rotate Rotation Roto News Paper Rotogravure Rotoscope Rotoscoping Rough Rough Cut Rough Front and Foot Roughening Roughness Round Back Round Table Rounding Routine Routine Design Routing Royalty RP 125 RS-232 RS-332 RU Rub Resistance Rub Tester Rub-Off Rub-Proof Rubber Plate Rubberbanding Rubine Reds Rubometer Rubout Rubylith Rule Rule Line Rule-Based Run Run-In Runaround Runaround Cut Runaround Indent Rundown Runnability Running Foot Running Head Running In Running Register Running Text S, s SA Saddle Bar Saddle Sewing Saddle-Stitching Safe Edge Safe Title Area Safelight Safety Bar Safety Paper Sagging Sample Sample Pages Sample-Playback Sampler Sampling Frequency Sampling Rate SAN Code Sand/Shot Mill Sandbox Sandwich Method Sans Serif Saran Satellite Press Satin Finish Saturation Saws Sawtooth Sawtooth Edge Scalability Scalable Font Scalable Processor ARChitecture Scale Scale Compression Scale Factor Scaling Scan Scan Conversion Scan Converter Scan Line Scan Rate Scan-a-Web Scanned Art Scanned Image Scanner Scanner Engine Scanner Lamp Scanning Scanning Mode Scanning Spot Scart Scatter Diagram Scatter Plot Scatter Proof Scattergram Scattergraph Scavenger Marks Scene Schematic School-Book Perforating Schopper Test Scientific Computer Scissoring Scoop Coater Score Scoring Screamer Screen Screen Algorithms Screen Angles Screen Buffer Screen Capture Screen Carriage Screen Coordinate System Screen Curve Screen Dump Screen Fabric Screen Flex Heat Transfer Screen Font Screen Frequency Screen Glitter Flex Heat Transfer Screen Holders Screen Marks Screen Opener Screen Printing Screen Process Screen Proper Screen Range Screen Refresh Screen Ruling Screen Saver Screen Seepage Screen Sharing Screen Shot Screen Size Screen Stability Screen Tint Screened Negative Screened Positive Screened Print Screening Screening Filter Screening in Continuous Tones Screentone Scribe Scribe Lines Scriber Scrim Script Script X Scrolling SCSI SCSI2 Scuff-Resistant Ink Scuffing Scum Scumming SDIF SDLC SEA Sealer Coat Search Mode Searching Second Parallel Fold Second Rights Second Side Bearing Second-Generation Original Second-Generation Typesetter Secondary Color Secondary Font Secondary Indent Secondary Leading Secondary Side Head Section Section Sign Sectioning Security Sedimentation Seed Fill Seek Seek Access Time Segment Segmentation Segmented File Segue Selection Tool Self-Checking Code Self-Checking Number Self-Cover Self-Stretching Frame Semichemical Pulping Semiconcealed Cover Semiconductor Semilog Chart Send to Back Sensitivity Guide Sensitization Sensitize Sensitizer Separated Graphics Separations Separator Separator Brush Separator Finger Sequenced Package e Xchange Sequencer Sequential Processing Sequestering Agent Serial Serial Access Serial Port Serial Printer Serial Transmission Series Serif Serigraphy Serrated Knife Service Bureau Services Set Set Combinations Set Gear Set Size Set Solid Set Width Set-Associative Cache Set-In Set-Off Set-Off Joint Set-Top Box Set-Up Sheet Setback Setting Sewn Book Sewn-On Tape Sewn-Open Mouth Sewn-Valve Shade Shaded Shading Shadow Shaft Cylinder Shake Shared Whiteboard Shared-Logic Sharpen Sharpness Sharpness Filter Shave Shear Adhesion Shear Thickening Shear Thinning Sheet Sheet Decurler Sheet Delamination Sheet Detector Sheet Feeder Sheet Label Sheet Photopolymer Sheet Work Sheet-Separation Unit Sheeter Sheetfed Sheetfed Scanner Sheeting Sheetwise Sheffield Porosimeter Sheffield Smoothness Gauge Shell Shell Back Shellac Shielded Twisted-Pair Shift Shilling Shilling Fraction Shingling Shipping-Sack Kraft Shives Shoot Shooting Ratio Short Short Ink Short-Dwell Coater Short-Grain Short-Haul Modem Shortcut Shot Shotgun Shoulder Show Reel Show-Through Shower-Door Effect Showing Shrink Shrink Band Shrunk Negative Shutter Shutter Speed SHW Siccative Side Bearing Side Guide Side Notes Side Roll Stand Side Sewing Side-Stitching Sidebar Sidehead Sidelay Sideweld Seal SIG (Special Interest Group) Siggraph Sign Sign On Signal Signal Generator Signal Quality Error Signal-to-Noise Ratio Signature Silhouette Silhouette Halftone Silicone Silicone Applicator Silkscreen Printing Silkscreening Sillog Silver Halide Plate Silver Ink Silverprint Simple Mail-Transfer Protocol Simple Network Management Protocol Simplex Simplex Decal Simplex Tipping Machine Simulation Simulation Sickness Simulator Simultaneous Contrast Simultaneous Engineering Simultaneous Input/Output Simultaneous Peripheral Operations On-Line Simultaneous Rights Simultaneous Transmission Single In-Line Memory Module Single In-Line Package Single Instruction, Multiple Data Single Rotary Cutter Single Screen Single-Drum Transfer Single-End Single-Frame Controller Single-Frame Recorder Single-Lens Reflex Camera Single-Ply Single-Ply Bag Single-Positive System Single-Roll Stand Single-Session Single-Sheet Color Proof Single-Sheet Feeder Single-Speed Single-Thread Sink Sinkage Sisal Hemp Site Organization Sixel Encode Sixteenmo Size Size Press Sizing Skeleton Black Skeleton Cylinder Skeleton Wheels Skew Skewed Indent Skid Skid Tag Skinnies Skip Skips Slab Off Slab Serif Slack Center Slack Edge Slack-Sized Slant Slash SLD Sleeve Sleeve Cylinder Slice Slide Slide Scanner Slide-Off Decal Slide-Show Feature Slide-Show Option Slime Spot Slip Case Slip Compound Slip Nip Slip Sheet Slip-Sheeting Slitter Slitter Edge Slitting Slow Motion Slug Slur Slur Stick Slurring Slurry Small Caps Small Computer System Interface Smart Smart Quotes Smash Smash Resistance Smashed Blanket Smashed Bulk Smashing Smear Smearing SMF SMFF Smooth Finish Smoothness SMPTE Time Code SMTP (Simple Mail-Transfer Protocol) Smyth Sewing SNA Snake Slip Snap To Snap-Off Sneakernet SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) Snow Snowflaking Snowplow Soap Resistance Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers Socket Soda Process Soda Pulp Sodium Bicarbonate Sodium Carbonate Sodium Hydroxide Sodium Sulfate Sodium Sulfide Soft Copy Soft Dot Soft Font Soft Ink Soft Proof Soft Return Soft-Sectored Softbot Softcover Soften Softening Point Softness Software Software Interface Software Package Software Robot Softwood Solarization Solid Solid Model Solid Underscoring Solid-State Solids Content Solids Modeling Solidus Solvent Solvent Release Solvent-Resin Vehicle SOM Sort Sorts Sound Effects Sound Power Level Sound Pressure Level Source Code Source Code Protection Source Data Source Document Source Language Source Program Souring Soy Ink Space Space Dot Spaceband Spacing Spam Spatial Data Spatial Frequency Spec'd Special Effects Special Interest Group for Computer Graphics Special-Effects Generator Specific Adhesion Specific Gravity Specifier Specimen Book Specimen Pages Specking Speckle Spectral Color Spectral Energy Distribution Spectral Reflectance Curve Spectrophotometer Specular Highlight Specular Reflectance Speculation Speed Spelling Checker SPF SPIM Spin-Coating Spindle Spine Spine-See Binding Spiral Binding Spitting Splice Splice Failure Splicer Spline Split Bind Split Fountain Split Fraction Split Galleys Split Gauge Split Screen Split-Top Label Splitting Spot Spot Carbon Spot Color Spot Size Spot Varnish Spotlight Spots Per Inch Spotting Out Spray Powder Spray-Bar Dampening System Spraying Spread Spread Negative Spreader Spreader Bar Spreading Spreads and Chokes Sprinkled Edges Sprite Sprocket Feed Spur Spur Gear Spur Serif SQL Square Back Square Brackets Square Finish Halftone Square Halftone Square Serif Square Sheet Square-Pixel Digitizing Squares Squeegee Squeegee Angle Squeegee Carriage Squeegee Holder Squeegee Pressure Squeegee Printing Edge Squeegee Profile Squeeze Stabilization Stabilization Paper Stabilize Stack Stack Fraction Stack Press Stack-Feed Capacity Stacked Bar Chart Stacker Staging Stained Edge Staining Stainless Steel Screen Stair-Stepping Stairsteps Stamper Stamping Stamping Die Stamping Press Stand Oil Standalone Standard Colors Standard Coordinate System Standard Generalized Mark-Up Language Standard Platform Standard Size Standard Viewing Conditions Stapling Starch Starch-Filled Starred Roll Start Bit Start Character Start-of-Print Line Starting Point Stat Camera Static Check Static Data Static Electricity Static Friction Static Memory Static Neutralizer Station Status "T" Status Line Status Sheet Steamset Ink Steel Engraving Steel-Faced Electrotypes (nickel-faced electros) Steel-Rule Die Stem Stencil Stencil Design Area Stencil Fabric Stencil Volume Stenciling STEP Step Backward Step Forward Step Frame Step Tablet Step Wedge Step-and-Repeat Step-Up Stepover Stepping Motor Stereotype Stet Stickup Initial Stickyback Stiff Stiffness Still Development Still Frame Sting Stipple Stochastic Screening Stock Stock Format Stock Preparation Stock Weights Stocking Items Stoddard Solvent Stone Stop Bath Stop Bit Stop Character Stopping Out Stopwords Store and Forward Node Storyboard Stoving Straight Copy Straight Edge Straight Matter Streak Stream Stream Feeder Streaming Tape Strength Test Stress Stretch Stretch Cloth Stretch Frame Stretch Ink Striation Strike Strike-On Strike-On Type Strike-On Typesetter Strike-Through Strikeover Strikethrough String String Tie String-and-Button Envelope Stringiness Strip Strip Method Strip-In Stripe Stripper Stripping Strobing Stroke Stroke Character Generator Stroke Display Stroke Fonts Stroking Structured Data Structured Field Stub Stub Edge Stub Pages List Stub Roll Stub/notice Stuck Edge Style Style Pages Style Sheet Style Spec Style Specification Stylus Styrene-Butadiene Subcarrier Subhead Sublimable Dye Sublimation Sublime Subroutine Subscript Subsidiary Rights Substance Substance Number Substrate Subtractive Color Subtractive Color Primaries Subtractive Color Theory Subtractive Plate Sucker Suction Box Suction Feed Suction Roller Suede Finish Suitcase Sulfate Process Sulfate Pulp Sulfite Process Sulfite Pulp Sulfurous Acid Summation Check Sunken Initial Super Super Density Super Quick-Set Infrared Ink Super Storyboard Super VGA Super Video Graphics Array Super-VHS Super-Video Super ATM Supercalendering Supercase Supercell Supercomputer Superimposition Superior Superpixel Superscript Superstation Supervisory Routine Suppression Surface Acoustical Wave Monitor Surface Mapping Surface of Revolution Surface Plate Surface Sizing Surface Strength Surface Texture Surface Texturing Surfactant Surge Surge Protector Surprinting SV Swash Letters Swatch Swatch Book Swatching Out Sweep Plane Sweep Speed Sweetening Swell Swing-Arm System Swipe File Switch Switchable Switched Line Switched Major Node Switched Network Switched Telephone Network SWOP SWOP Inks SWOP Inspection Report Sword Symbol Symbol Font Symmetry Sympathetic Ink Syntax Sy Quest Sysout System System 7.• Introduction: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Neurological and Developmental Disorders • Articles, Books and Recent and New Research Studies on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy • Modern Medical Advances: The Use of SPECT Scans and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: Treatments for Autism and Other Developmental Disorders • Not All Hyperbaric Chambers Are The Same: Mild Hyperbaric Therapy & Soft Chambers • List of Conditions Accepted by Medicare and Insurance Companies for Reimbursement • Organizations, Associations & Additional Resources for HBOT and Hyperbaric Medicine • Editor's Note: A Few Words on How the HBO Treatment Centers Are Listed On This Site Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is classically defined as the inhalation of 100% oxygen at greater than 1 atmosphere absolute (ATA) in a pressurized chamber.One study demonstrates that the anti-inflammatory effect from HBOT is probably due to pressure effects and not necessarily increased oxygen tension.

C-reactive protein and high levels of cytokines have been shown to decrease with HBOT.

Because inflammation is accompanied by swelling, tissue expansion or compression will occur.

Therefore, whenever inflammation brings more fluid to a region of the body that is comprised of solid tissue and hollow blood vessels, the first thing to happen is that the hollow blood vessel lumens will be compressed and deliver fewer red cells carrying oxygen to the area.

Mitochondria are the energy producing organelles of the body.

A growing number of studies are focusing on the mitochondria and its relationship to many disorders The possibility exists that some autistic symptoms may occur if these organelles are dysfunctional or fewer in number than the number found in children without autism.

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Because porphyrin is involved in the production of functional heme/hemoglobin, and because this appears to be disordered in autism, the impaired delivery of oxygen to cells will be improved when HBOT bypasses hemoglobin-dependent oxygenation.