The office andy dating erin who is shaq dating right now

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The office andy dating erin

So if they are going to keep him around, he needed to do something interesting, and the pay-off in his hiring Pete and Erin's exes was a great bit.

It was a perfectly terrible thing to do (though it would seem that Alice would leave right away).

), and he acts a whole lot like Michael Scott, which Pam notes.Pam heads out for her interview, and Dwight and Angela take off, which Andy questions, but everyone throws his three month absence in his face.Erin tries to give Andy phone messages, but he acts pouty so he goes to Pete and Clark to get some sympathy.Tonight's episode "Moving On" (directed by Jon Favreau) is an hour long,and we've only got so many episodes left, so hopefully it delivers.The episode starts with Andy being chewed out by David Wallace, and flounders with his excuses, but he's left off with a warning because David Wallace says that he knows he owns the company because of Andy. As Andy comes into work he tries to talk to Erin, but storms into his office, closes his blinds and cries like a baby.

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Andy then says Pete's fired and starts singing, which Pete ignores and goes back to his desk.