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If they are in the afternoon and end early, say to I view them as come ons so the clubs can advertise low drink prices.

The clubs are still greedy because the bottom line is they are charging most of their customers way too much.

If you disagree, you can have your say over at the In the meantime I'll lay my credentials on the table.

Last year I wrote for five adult magazines, in the past four years I've written over 100 published articles for adult magazines.

I am inviting everyone reading this to visit our "Reflections at the Looking Glass" which is a very complete and sophisticated family of interactive forms covering clubs region by region, , feature entertainers, dating foreign women, etc.

Here you will learn more about my star system and why I have decided to implement it.

(snacks do not cut it.) Since having an adequate stable of lush young babes is essential I've established the Jack Corbett bench mark of 15 girls per shift.

Number of dancers per shift: 15 Cover charge: .00 Food: No Drink specials: Juice Bar .00 Books Features: Yes Frank's Chicken House is a landmark club since it is the home club for the Universal Talent Agency where aspiring house dancers can take Eleanor's School of Dance.

To go to Universal Talent Agency's web site click here.

The actor, 61, who played Rodney Trotter's sidekick in the sitcom, is fighting for his wife Anong, 36, and their two-year-old daughter Josie to be allowed to come to the UK.

The couple married in Pattaya on Thailand's eastern coast in April last year, but he has not seen her since he last visited three months ago.

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