Taylor swift hockey dating

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Taylor swift hockey dating

CLEVELAND, Ohio - If there's one thing Taylor Swift doesn't have to worry about, it's her reputation.

No matter how many tabloids write about her, people hate on her or guys regret dating her, Swift will still sell millions of records and be the rare modern pop star whose album release feels like an epic event.

She may be a five-foot-11-inch blonde, but she does not have the carefree soul that usually goes along with that physiognomy, and her back is starting to hunch a little from stress.

"You can hear great pop sensibilities in her writing as well as great storytelling, which is the trademark of old-school country song-crafting." At 14, Swift walked away from RCA's offer of another one-year contract — "I didn't want to be somewhere where they were sure that they kind of wanted me maybe," she deadpans — and put herself on the open market."You can't forget who brought you to the party, and that's country radio," she insists.She's very savvy: It was her decision to sing "Fifteen," her song about the innocence of that age, with Miley Cyrus at the Grammys."I thought, ' What's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? '" Says Borchetta, "Taylor and I made an aggressive deal on the back end." He chuckles."I've written her some very big checks," he says.

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