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Home-schooling is also an option for students, including remote students, and may be complemented with virtual classroom learning.

Within national frameworks, curriculum and course offerings have historically been determined by state and territory education departments or at a school level.Virtual learning is likely to occur in many schools to some degree, particularly with the increased availability of enabling technology such as the Internet, which can facilitate discussion boards, web cam and voice over Internet protocols.Virtual learning can be seen as a further development of 'schools of the air', the first of which was established in Australia in 1951 using a two-way radio.They must be enrolled as a student at a day school and be available when required for assessment against the regular school curriculum.VOCATIONAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING Vocational education and training (VET) provides skills and knowledge in preparation for entering the workforce through a national training system.

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Secondary schooling Secondary schooling generally differs from primary schooling in the mode of delivery and variety of subject matter students may study.

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