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Speed dating cafe world

Venus is transiting your work and health sector until October 14th, Aries.Even though this means Venus is no longer in a harmonious position relative to your sign, it’s a useful cycle for bringing more beauty, harmony, and enjoyment to your daily life, routines, or work environment.This morning, however, it can be difficult to see beyond immediate desires and sensations, and this can lead to chasing short-term goals that are unlikely to satisfy.As the day advances, though, patience increases and opportunities do, too.Watch for repeating old patterns in relationships today.You need to breathe new life into your creative work and your relationships now for best results.Taurus The coming weeks bring new energy to your love life, dear Taurus, with yesterday’s New Moon clearing the slate as well as a Venus transit of your romance and creativity sector until October 14th.This is an excellent time for romance, dating, hobbies, self-expression, and sharing fun times with others. You not only share your affection more freely, but you also receive love and compliments more confidently.

Today, however, your desire for appreciation and admiration from others is so strong that it leaves you vulnerable to manipulation.

It may not be the most upfront period for your love life or personality, but it’s the perfect time for releasing outdated attitudes and clearing space for new experiences and feelings to enter your life.

There can be a greater love of private moments with a partner or secret admirers.

You may be a little more tentative than usual about feelings and even purchases during this cycle as you instinctively sense that you’re not quite ready for brand new beginnings.

You’ll have the Sun move into your sign tomorrow, pulling you out of your shell on some levels, but you’re keeping some things to yourself now. This morning, there is a tendency to make poor emotional decisions.

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This can also be a time of better relationships with health professionals, employees, co-workers, and even pets!