Social proof dating scared of dating again

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Social proof dating

Pickup and Social Proof Social proof applies to dating because if people are looking around to see what the correct mode of behavior is, that means they are looking at other people to see how they are supposed act. Well, when you are being observed by other people having positive interactions, they will 1 want to have an interaction with you and 2 they’ll respond to you positively because their looking at everyone elses’ responses to your approach.Entering the venue – Yes, Social Proof takes effect from the moment you step into a public gathering.Hey guys, today I want to help you out by giving you a powerful, yet simple tool that you can go out and use TODAY to instantly help you get those elusive girls that are hard to game. I’m sure you’ve all heard that term time and time again, but no one has ever told you HOW TO USE IT.Now before I teach you how to use this powerful tool, I want to take a moment and explain what Social Proof is – and no, it’s not exactly a PUA routine, although it is mentioned quite a bit 😉 Here’s the definition of Social Proof: – Social proof, also known as Informational Social Influence, is a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others reflect correct behavior for a given situation.You’re probably thinking how does that affect your social proof?

When hanging out with this guy everyone’s collectively wondering the same thing, how in the F*** does he do that? It doesn’t even matter what PUA routine or opener you use to approach.

Entourage – This is where you go out with a large group of attractive women.

Having an entourage allows you to open women without them being rude to you, and attracts them, because women trust the decisions of other women.

If a woman rejects your approach – which really shouldn’t happen often if you’re using Love Systems – instead of slinking away, act like she just gave you her phone number. Make an “I’ll call you” gesture and walk away confidently, like she was all over you.

She might think you’re insane – but she rejected you anyway, so who cares Everyone else will think you’re much more socially proofed.

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This effect is prominent in ambiguous social situations where people are unable to determine the appropriate mode of behavior, and is driven by the assumption that surrounding people possess more knowledge about the situation.

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