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We evaluated the influence of water quality on the occurrence of a threatened mammal, the Neotropical otter in a river basin under different degradation levels. antipodarum invasion on the macroinvertebrate community of a temperate mesotrophic lake: a definite increase in the total macroinvertebrate biomass, a significant increase in the local macroinvertebrate family richness and diversity, a shift in the community composition from crustacean- to gastropod-dominated.

We found the Neotropical otter to be tolerant to human-altered environments; however, beyond a certain threshold of water-quality degradation, its persistence is at risk. The influence of environmental variables on shark catch in the bather-protection program along the South African East Coast was investigated for 11 species.

However, inter-laboratory variability was improved using the new method.

Streams under reference conditions are necessary for the evaluation and monitoring of the conservation status of aquatic ecosystems of a region.

The functional group composition of phytoplankton sensu Reynolds et al.

( seemed to be the most effective system in describing environmental variability in Lake Mangueira, in southern Brazil, over the long term.

An understanding of invertebrate diversity patterns and how they vary temporally will provide information for the management of these groundwater ecosystems. Using previous tagging data and structured censuses, we describe the dynamics of this popular wildlife tourism destination.

The degradation of freshwater ecosystems is a threat to biodiversity. The analyses performed showed the following effects of the P.

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