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When a man knows exactly what you’re going to do or say, then you become predictable. I’ve devoted pages and pages to explaining the very skills you can learn and perfect so that a man NATURALLY wants to be with you and only you.You’ll learn about how the commitment process works with him and how to navigate it every step of the way from the moment you first meet so he WON’T want to slip away. Are you going to remain “unlucky” in love, or are you going to take matters into your hands and finally find out what works with men to create attraction and a desire for commitment?You do not have to pretend in order to have room for the man in your life; be yourself and you will get a gratifying relationship that is free from heartaches Read more: Unlock Her Legs Review Don’t share too much information - just enough to keep them interested. Good words: affectionate, likes to cuddle, interested in a committed relationship, sensitive, great cook, romantic, caring, monogamous, down-to-earth, sophisticated, etc.List things like favorite hobbies, activities, movies, books, etc. Say things like “a nurse at a local clinic” or “mortician at a funeral home.” You get the gist. You come off sounding one-dimensional and obsessed. Bad words: well hung, great in bed, I’d love to satisfy you, sexually insatiable, great lover, erotic, uninhibited, etc.If you’re meeting a guy in a bar, don’t ask him what he does for a living.

It creates mystery and compels him want to stay with you because you’re always exciting to him.

This requires a little thought and creativity, but the best part about it is that it keeps the relationship exciting for you, too.

So mix it up: if you normally do the same thing on Sunday mornings, come up with something different and unexpected.

I’d like to know what you believe about men and relationships. You either believe that you’re basically given a certain “luck” with men, and that you’ve either got it or you don’t when it comes to true love.

Or…You believe that it takes a certain set of “skills” to meet a great guy and make a real and lasting relationship work, and that, as an intellectually and emotionally intelligent woman, you can improve your own set of “skills.”Here’s the thing…If any part of you is still holding on to the idea that you have bad luck – and that you are destined to be unlucky – then I have to be honest.

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