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(Easier said than done, though, because once you’ve been off caffeine for awhile, it makes you reallllll jittery when you add it back in.

But I have played through the pain and come out calmly, and heart-palpitation-free, on the other side.) And miracle of all miracles, it makes math and grammar and science and mornings, in general, more bearable. Anyway yes, we’re doing hard, new things this year.

Bullying, racism, and kids not getting the academic help they needed (and were legally guaranteed), along with a few other pretty horrible incidents, combined to make us decide that this was no longer an appropriate place for my children to be spending eight hours a day, five days a week. And you make the really hard decision to bring all five of those kids home the following school-year.

“It’s a disconnection from what’s really in front of you,” says Gordon-Levitt, who directed, wrote and stars in the film.

“Rather than engaging with a unique individual and listening to what the other has to say, right at this moment, we put people in boxes with labels.

We objectify each other.” The consequences of this are worse than you might think.

The thin end of the wedge is less enjoyment during sex.

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(And the English-speaking West isn’t even pornography’s most enthusiastic market – that honour goes to Pakistan.) The question is: does it matter?

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  1. “There are reasonable theories about what brings out the best or worst online behaviors: demographics, economics, child-rearing trends, perhaps even the average time of day of usage could play a role.