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He’s not really trying too hard, and he’s not really fallen in love to care about a rejection when he’s just trying to get lucky.

But if a girl does show the slightest sign of reciprocation or interest in the guy, or even if he assumes she’s into him, the guy digs deep into this stage, the attraction stage.

Once the girl is in love with him, only then does a man seriously start to consider if he wants to have a relationship with the girl who now loves him. On the other hand, if he’s not really convinced that the girl is the right mate for him, he may start avoiding her or losing interest in pleasing her because of his confusion.

It’s a selfish move, but it’s something evolution has taught all male species. Spend your time searching for more places to bust a nut.” Now that the girl is in love with him, he takes a couple of days to sit back and weigh the pros and the cons of being in a relationship with that girl. Ever dated a really great guy who started behaving like a jerk a couple of weeks into love? Turning the game in your favor How men fall in love with a woman is annoying.

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Stage 5 – Conviction If a guy’s successfully breezing through the different stages of love, he’d start to wonder if there’s something more in the air.

But instead of falling in love with the girl, all he’s worried about is how to convince the girl to fall in love with him.

Now this should clear the doubts out for women though.

While women may experience an intense surge of affections as soon as they meet a guy they like, the mind of men doesn’t really work that way.

Find out how men fall in love and the different stages they experience here.

Stage 3 – Attraction If an attractive girl reciprocates to a guy’s advances, he enters into the attraction stage of love.

Until this stage, a guy can walk away from a girl without any pain or heartbreak even if the girl rejects him.

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Men are rather shallow when it comes to getting attracted at first sight.