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I think peoples issue (within the community) with me using the word is that sadly, some people find it absolutely necessary that you specify the way you identify.

Quite frankly, that’s what labels are for- identifying, so I get it.

When it came out on the news people who knew me were kind of like “we didn’t know it was a secret” *Laughs*. I think that was one of the biggest things that helped me get along and cope.

Especially being able to confide in my friends and my family.

It was something that, (growing up) I thought everyone felt and in reality, no one really talked about it.

As I got older people started telling me that having those feelings were wrong.

Men will stifle and sit on women in the professional world as long as you let them. I feel like there’s nothing I can’t do if I want to because I no longer have anything to hide .

As far as queer women, I see an incredible difference in the way men treat a masculine women versus a feminine woman.

If a man sees a woman in a tie carrying herself a certain way, they think she’s in charge and they look at her more like an equal instead of a sexual object.

Upon her coming out, Djuan received both criticism and praise for using the word queer to describe her sexuality.

Prompted by rude hate filled comments that were posted on a fellow lesbian blog, TFF decided to dig into the word "queer" and chit-chat with Djuan about her experiences as a QWOC and how being comfortable with her sexuality and sexual orientation have helped her in the workplace and on stage.

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Djuan Trent: Before I ever started doing pageants I was in school and majored in theater performance.