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Sex chat free fast with typing

If, after having thoughtfully read this post, you feel you may be suffering from major or clinical depression, I urge you to seek competent help from a health practitioner.Severe depression can be characterized by the experience of 5 of the following 9 symptoms for a period longer than two weeks, and that you haven’t experienced a major traumatic event in the last 18 months, such as the death of a loved one.Clinical depression, whether mild or major, is a pervasive, potentially serious illness.

Quadriplegic love lasts and I was about to find out just how long.

How can a person recognize that they may be suffering from actual depression so he or she can take steps to deal with it?

The following symptoms come from the psychiatric ‘bible’: the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), the book that mental health professionals consult to diagnose mental conditions.

A mild disclaimer: I am not, nor have I ever been, a psychiatrist, psychologist, mental health practitioner, or even a health practitioner.

The information contained in the following articles is based solely on my own research of online and offline materials, additionally on personal experience with major depression.

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There may be an underlying medical cause for some of the symptoms that needs to be addressed.

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