Server 2016 dns timestamp not updating

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Server 2016 dns timestamp not updating

When the file system is mounted, and the integrity check is conducted, these hashes are verified.

Mounting also includes comparison of the version of the ex FAT file system by the driver to make sure the driver is compatible with the file system it is trying to mount, and to make sure that none of the required directory records are missing (for example, the directory record for the upcase table and Allocation Bitmap are required and the file system can't run if they are missing).

A single bit in the directory record indicates that the file is contiguous, telling the ex FAT driver to ignore the FAT.

This optimization is analogous to an extent in other file systems, except that it only applies to whole files, as opposed to contiguous parts of files.

This improves performance because only 2 bytes have to be compared for each file.

The feature, called Transaction Safe FAT, or Tex FAT, was granted a patent by the US patent office under US7613738 on November 3, 2009.

ex FAT and the rest of the FAT family of file systems does not use indexes for file names, unlike NTFS which uses B-trees for file searching.

To provide improvement in the allocation of cluster storage for a new file, Microsoft incorporated a method to pre-allocate contiguous clusters and bypass the use of updating the FAT table and on December 10, 2013 the US patent office granted patent US8606830.

One feature of ex FAT (used in the ex FAT implementation within embedded systems) provides atomic transactions for the multiple steps of updating the file system metadata.

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Like NTFS, ex FAT can pre-allocate disk space for a file by just marking arbitrary space on disk as 'allocated'.

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