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Dabei stützen sich die Hersteller von Seniorenhandys auf zahlreiche Untersuchungen und neueste Forschungen, die alle in die Produktion mit einfließen.Das Stichwort "Usability" steht bei einem Seniorenhandy an erster Stelle."The hope then is as we move into the different time periods -- later into the Neolithic and into the Chalcolithic -- we can maybe start to see more of the experimentation and find the missing link between the sites in Georgia and the sites in Iran." The methodology for identifying wine residues in ancient pottery was initially developed and tested on a vessel found in Iran 40 years ago by a team from the Royal Ontario Museum led by University of Toronto researcher T. It was also the oldest-known chemical evidence of wine until the recent discovery in Georgia.

"You could easily just say, 'well it's because they never actually exposed them to fire, so that's why we don't have any of them,' but that is kind of a tough argument to make because there is always accidental firing of these things," he added.

Long before dinosaurs roamed the Earth, this bizarre creature swam the seas.

The Capinatator didn't have a face, but had 50 curved rigid spines that jutted out of its head.

Previously, the earliest known chemical evidence of wine made from grapes was dated to 5,400 to 5,000 BC in Iran, but the archeologists say they can now trace the practice to about 6,000 BC in sites about 50 kilometres south of the Georgian capital of Tbilisi.

TORONTO -- Archeologists from Canada are among a team of researchers who say they've unearthed the earliest evidence of winemaking in the world, dating the origin of the practice back hundreds of years earlier than previously believed.

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Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania were involved in studying materials recovered from the sites.