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The cases focus on just a few hundred volunteers in a handful of states: The Arizona Democratic Party said 93 people are signed up to conduct “exit polling” with Stop the Steal, a voter-fraud-related super PAC, and the Ohio Democratic Party said “dozens” have volunteered for the same effort in their state.

Taken together, though, these cases speak to one of the most important functions of democracy: the ability to vote, free of intimidation and coercion, and to ensure that others have the same right.

Greg Paulmier, a Democratic ward leader in particularly blue Northwest Philly, said voting divisions would routinely feature no Republican minority inspectors.

That was expected to change this year, with more Republicans stepping up for the job and even more appointed by court last month.

While both parties fight for their lives life in states like New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, they’re now having to battle each other in court as well.

On their face, these cases may seem like a form of legal subterfuge—attempts to distract the other party and float damaging allegations days before the election.

The case is one of four the Democratic Party filed against Trump and the GOP earlier this week — the Democratic National Committee also targeted the Republican Party in Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Arizona.At Lamberton Elementary School in Overbook, he said, the Republican inspector was forced to sit outside in a hallway and wasn’t allowed back into the polling room until a GOP attorney assisted her.Adam Lang, a Republican ward leader in Brewerytown, said at one division in his ward a court-appointed Republican minority inspector was turned away this morning.Republicans in at least one state have argued that poll watching should be expanded, not limited.All sides are seeking emergency relief, calling on judges to consider their cases in the next seven days before the election.

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An Ohio federal judge on Friday issued a restraining order against the Donald Trump campaign, finding that Trump supporters are planning to monitor urban areas and illegally intimidate minority voters in the crucial swing state.