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The chief judge, Lord Hoffmann, peered chin down and dubiously through eyebrows as thick as briar patches. The convicted rapists slept nine time zones away on their rock, a place still without television or radio broadcasts.But the Internet had invaded even Pitcairn, and all home computers there were set on Google Alerts.On a day in the hot London summer of 2006, the smallest of all those colonial shavings, Pitcairn Island, took center stage for the first and surely the last time with a child-rape case that seemed to hover somewhere between But it also carried with it—or the case never would have reached this archaic pinnacle—a subplot of a powerful government stumbling out of centuries of neglect.This was Britain’s attempt to clean up a mess it had allowed, through inattention, to spin out of control.Then Pitcairn’s secret was exposed: generations of rape and child molestation as a way of life.Delving into the South Pacific island’s past, the authors chronicle its 10-year clash with the British legal system, which ripped apart a tiny society.A prominent London barrister named David Perry had been recruited to aid the colonists in these aristocratic surroundings.

Now it sits as the court of last resort only to the splinters of an empire undone: British Gibraltar and a lingering handful of island territories in far-off seas.But the movies never moved past sunset endings with a Gable or a Gibson standing with the Tahitian maidens on the cliffs of Pitcairn, looking out over his torched ship and the boundless Pacific, both the evidence and the way home sinking offshore.That was the beginning, not the end, of the odd colony the mutineers founded.Register with us and content you save will appear here so you can access them to read later.We live in a world of black and white, Bisexual and Lesbian, gay. We need many Bisexual friends, we looking for many Bisexual friends, just like me, want to date couples, Here Women Dating , is a good place for us , who want to looking for bisexual women and men, couples, single bisexual girls and boys.

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Some of us are in happy relationships with one partner, Some bisexuals are happily married and raising children. Some bisexuals do date more than one partner at a time, and some of those are "men and women".