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“I won’t lie when I say people have said we’re the worst people in the world because we won’t go save the eaglet that hasn’t eaten in three days,” Mc Spadden said.

That is a staid reference to cam fans whose emotions about the nest morphed into vitriol — and fighting words.They started out with an eagle pair they named Ozzie and Harriet.Then Ozzie was hit by a car, and while he was at a rehab center, another male took his spot.The osprey cam at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is trained on a nest near the Massachusetts seaside, and the pair that call it home are now waiting for three eggs to hatch.But for the first spring in a decade, the camera is dark, and a note on the institute’s website offers only a two-sentence explanation.

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Many chicks don’t survive their first year: Some starve to death, their carcasses decaying for all the Internet to see. One day in mid-July, Brodeur said, his phone “just starts blowing up.” He looked at the nest, which is on a platform right outside his second-floor office window.

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