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Microsoft word stop date updating

Be sure to click “Yes” or “OK” (I can’t recall the exact wording of the prompt), or the Quick Part will not be saved when you close out of Word!

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(Remember, your actions are being recorded, so it might be a good idea to list these extra customization steps and settings in advance so that you'll produce a "cleaner" template macro.) [4] Using the main Word Perfect menu, click Insert, Date/Time.

Select the date format you need -- but be sure that "Keep inserted date current" is NOT checked -- then click Insert.

For most of the Auto Format options, the default is that they’re “on.” So I’m simply going to explain here how to turn off the ones you don’t want, whether that’s on a case-by-case basis or permanently. I’ll list how to do the same steps in Word 2003 at the end of the post (and those steps should be fairly similar for previous versions as well). Because the Auto Format is simply a step that Word has recorded behind the scenes, you really just need to Undo it, which can be done in several ways: Now we’re going to look at how you can turn off any of the Auto Format options permanently. The Office button is the round one at the top left of the window. In the Word section, click the plus sign beside “What does each option do? Now you can work in Word the way you want to—not the way it wants you to!

I’m going to start by showing how to undo a single instance of Auto Formatting. Instructions for Word 2003To undo a single Auto Format instance, you can use the same options as in Word 2007: Auto Correct Options and click the Auto Format As You Type tab.

To do this, navigate to the Insert tab and then click Date & Time, which can be found within the Text category.

You'll use this later to stop the macro recording.) At this point, your keystrokes and menu selections are now being recorded.

, etc., or use the Format, Typesetting, Advance feature to specify an exact location.

of these tabs: In WPX6 if you have enabled Tools, Settings, Files, "Outside Word Perfect, open documents in new application window," then open an existing file in Windows Explorer (or other file manager), you will not see the other tabs because they are in separate instances (separate windows) of Word Perfect.

and then enabling (ticking) the checkbox "Keep the inserted date current".

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The method I detail in this post has the advantage that the underscore characters aren’t part of the field code at all. So the user can type over them and when the document field codes are updated, only the month and the year will update.

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