Mary katherine ham dating

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Mary katherine ham dating

Sister of Thomas Schratzmeier.“[I] loved Sister Remi, she was very sweet and loved to teach.She led us out of the building and kept us from being so frightened.My uncle, Andrew Salemi, and my aunt Maria Salemi were both in the school and were able to get out without injuries.” Niece of Andrew Salemi and Maria Salemi.“I was allowed to enter kindergarten at age 4 1/2. When she heard about the fire, Grandma and Grandpa and me walked to the school and observed the horror of what was happening.I remember crying but really didn't understand the full scale of what was happening.Elaine “Attended Mary Hall during the morning session. I then remember my mom leaving me with my grandmother and rushing to the school to find my brother, Peter Minerva, who was in 2nd grade and escaped without injury.

When her grandmother heard about the fire, she left Sharon's 3-year-old sister sleeping in the house to go search for Sharon.

' It wasn't until my sister, Lois, came home very upset, that I learned of the horror of the fire at the school.

The 8th grader that walked my sister to school, didn't make it.

As she recalls, “It was almost the end of the school day and I remember a few moms running into our classroom hysterically crying. Many of the students in my class were upset because they had older brothers or sisters in [main] the school building. When my mom returned home that evening, everything that she was wearing reeked of smoke.”Richard escaped without injury and today [2010] is a Chicago Police Officer.

“While working in the Special Operations Sections, I would often return to the site of Our Lady of the Angels School.

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I remember on the day of the fire being released [from school] when news of the fire spread.