Married women dating in kolkata

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The overpowering smell of coconut oil or other hair oil the day before they wash their hair, is enough to make you wish you never fell for those lustrous locks. Or worse, they use henna in their hair, and leave everything from the bathroom to the pillowcase smelling of mehndi. She will force you to make the morning tea and the afternoon tea on weekends.

Says blogger Jo: “They will feed you enough shorshe maach and bhaat to make you fat, then complain that you are putting on weight, question your virility and their plans of becoming a grandmom soon”.

Her “practical”, “comfortable”, “soft soled” and not to mention ugly shoes designed for painful feet.

It isn’t as sexy as a crepe or vibrant as a Kanjeevaram. She will make you bend in front of her and fix her sari pleats, although you have no clue how to, in a manner that is in equal parts helpless and in equal parts authority.

They always carry a fucking opinion on every issue if you don't agree to them they become loud and coercive. She will fight with you but treasure all signs of being married to you. She will never have the Punjabi oomph, or the south Indian sensuality. What’s more, she will tell you with a big smile that so and so storewallah thought she was a Punjabi today. Like the accomplished women of Pride and Prejudice, they all sing Rabindrasangeet and Nazrulgeeti, dance, paint and recite poetry. Her unwillingness to drive but constant requests for being driven around. It’s invariably ataant or a dhakai in the mornings, which fluffs up around her already generous middle and makes her look dumpy and unsexy. Or the way she drapes a dupatta on it to get the door. After marriage she will stop asking you if she looks fat. And that a leisurely stroll in the morning will get rid of it. She will pester you to try tangra and gule fish while you want just chingri malai curry. Saris are a must on all occasions and most unattractive at times.

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Please tell me who you are, and how many Bengali girls have you met in your entire life.

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