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Posted by / 27-Mar-2019 16:54

There should be one or more links to information on landlord-tenant issues that are specific to your state.

Your state’s attorney general or legal aid office may also have materials that can help you understand your rights.

Take any measures necessary to protect your security deposit, including taking care of your rental home as if it belonged to you and making it clear to the landlord what damages existed before you moved in.

While this provision is often intended to protect your rights, in some cases, it may cause you hardship.

For example, if you live in a state that only allows a landlord to collect the equivalent of one month’s rent as a security deposit, and you have bad credit, you won’t have the option of persuading a landlord to rent to you by offering a larger deposit.

If you can show that you have good credit and excellent references from previous landlords, you may be able get your new landlord to waive this requirement.

In some housing markets, landlords and property management companies no longer require security deposits.

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Landlords sometimes ask for this prepayment because some tenants will skip out without paying rent in the last month, and their security deposit won’t cover the rent owed and the cost of repairing damages.