Lessons millionaires dating

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Lessons millionaires dating

Less than a year later, I was hired by my mentor, and I loved the work. Quite frankly, my in-laws thought that I should “wear the skirt” and demonstrate subordination to their son, and since I was a “strong-minded” woman, they were not supportive of our relationship.

A couple years later, I started my own successful dog-training school. I learned it was critical to reduce my exposure to toxic people. Money ranks as the first most argued topic for many couples.

It has been estimated that an astounding 80% of divorces are the result of money disagreements.

Having a child is considered the single best indicator of financial collapse.

I ended up broke and alone after my fiancée and I broke up.

Yet nearly 90% of all women will end up managing their finances alone at some point in their lives.

With this newfound knowledge, I created a plan that would allow my husband and I to be free of our money worries. By age 40, we were 100% debt free and had over a million dollars in the bank!

Today, we are proud and happy stay-at-home parents to our amazing young daughter.

Financially free, our family hasn’t set an alarm clock in years.

Whether it be work, parenting or play, we wake with the sun, eager to spend each new day doing whatever we choose. You’d have no clue that we’re millionaires by looking at our Stuff.

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My father had always been (and continues to be, even in his 70’s) a workaholic — my siblings, his grandkids and I have always wished he’d figured out a way to work less and spend more time with us instead.