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Authority to spay or neuter unclaimed dog § 22-332a . Regional or municipal dog pound contract with animal rescue organization for veterinary treatment of injured, sick or diseased animal. Redemption of impounded dog, cat or other animal § 22-334 . Towns to provide pounds or other suitable facilities. Impoundment and disposition of roaming, injured or mistreated animals. Authority to spay or neuter unclaimed cat § 22-332e. Maintenance of list of animal rescue organizations § 22-333 . Complaint against municipal animal control officer § 22-336 . The commissioner may charge a reasonable fee to cover the cost of issuance of such certificate. The certificate shall contain the person's name, the name of the training program and the date of completion. Tags and certificates indicating rabies vaccination § 22-360 . Obstruction of commissioner or any animal control officer. Licensure of breeding facilities by towns § 22-344d . Records of veterinary services rendered to imported cat or dog. License and tag for guide dogs for blind, deaf or mobility impaired persons §§ 22-345a, 22-345b . License required for procurement of dog or cat for resale. Veterinarian examination of cat or dog imported into state by animal importer.

Tag or plate to be attached to dog collar or harness. Summary: These Connecticut statutes comprise the state's dog law. Among the provisions include licensing, kennel, and rabies regulations. Intentional or reckless subsequent violation § 22-364a . Definitions As used in this chapter: (1) "Animal" means any brute creature, including, but not limited to, dogs, cats, monkeys, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, birds and reptiles; (2) "Chief Animal Control Officer", Assistant Chief Animal Control Officer" and "Animal Control Officer" mean, respectively, the Chief State Animal Control Officer, the Assistant Chief State Animal Control Officer and a State Animal Control Officer appointed under section 22-328; (3) "Commercial kennel" means a kennel maintained for boarding or grooming dogs or cats, and includes, but is not limited to, any veterinary hospital which boards or grooms dogs or cats for nonmedical purposes; (4) "Commissioner" means the Commissioner of Agriculture; (5) "Grooming facility" means any place, other than a commercial kennel, which is maintained as a business where dogs are groomed; (6) "Keeper" means any person, other than the owner, harboring or having in his possession any dog; (7) "Kennel" means one pack or collection of dogs which are kept under one ownership at a single location and are bred for show, sport or sale; (8) "Municipal animal control officer" means any such officer appointed under the provisions of section 22-331; (9) "Pet shop" means any place at which animals not born and raised on the premises are kept for the purpose of sale to the public; (10) "Poultry" means all domestic fowl and any pheasants or other game birds securely confined and lawfully owned and possessed by any person under the provisions of section 26-40; (11) "Regional animal control officer" and "assistant regional animal control officer" means a regional Connecticut animal control officer and an assistant regional Connecticut animal control officer appointed under the provisions of section 22-331a; (12) "Training facility" means any place, other than a commercial kennel or grooming facility, which is maintained as a business where dogs are trained.

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Confining or tethering dog for unreasonable period of time.

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