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Scholars were to be found in the Atlas region, in Aghmāt; of these, there is information on the talmudist Zechariah b. In Fez studies were carried on continuously; it was for this reason that Maimonides and his family settled there after leaving Spain during the persecution of the Almohads.

Between 581 and 693 many Jews were compelled to leave Spain as a result of the persecutions of the Visigoth kings who, while forcing them to accept baptism, also adopted draconian measures against them.The Jews, together with those whom they succeeded in converting, appear to have originally been numerous and particularly powerful.The great Arabic historian of the 14 century, Ibn Khaldūn, names a number of large Moroccan Berbertribes who were converted to Judaism prior to the Arab conquest.Those who had been spared from the massacres and the conversions were then able to resume a relatively normal life.This situation changed with the advent of Abu Yaʿqūb Yūsuf (1165–84).

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