Is conor oberst dating anyone

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Still boyish and introspective at 28, with the slight twang and unfailing politeness of his Midwestern upbringing, Oberst talks about his music and career with a mixture of humility – he takes pains to credit collaborators and friends – and something like curiosity.The change in billing, he says, arose because Mike Mogis, whose instruments and production have increasingly defined the sound of Bright Eyes, isn't on the album.Oberst has a penchant for the paranormal – Cassadaga was named after a century-old community of spiritualists in Florida."I really believe in the way the energy can consolidate in certain geographical spots," he says.It's a world away from Top Ten radio formats, but disarmingly natural.

For his new album Oberst decided to set limits: a few musicians, a short time.But I don't make any bones about drawing from other people's experiences.Also, when I write a song, the pronoun is really not important.His lyrics, sung with quivering immediacy, revealed every one of his growing pains. When you write a song, the goal is not to convey the details of your life.Like his albums with Bright Eyes, Conor Oberst is a collection of songs about love, mortality, the state of the world and the lure of the road. And unlike many of Oberst's previous songs, they rarely leave a listener wondering who the real-life people were behind the lyrics. You should write a memoir or something if that's what you're going to do.

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His first songs were home-recorded and strictly lo-fi, with the teenage Oberst – before his voice changed – unveiling all his insecurities on a four-track tape.