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Irs refund status not updating

However, the IRS has cautioned that the affected refunds likely will not arrive in the bank accounts or debit cards of taxpayers until the week of February 27 (TAXDAY, 2017/02/10, I.1), if there are no processing issues with the return and the taxpayer selected direct deposit.

This is a great thing, because a lot of people were becoming victims of tax refund identity theft.This is straight from the IRS operational manual: For purposes of identification and to prevent unauthorized disclosures of tax information, you must know with whom you are speaking, complete name and title and the purpose of the call/contact.It may be necessary to ask the caller or visitor if he or she is an individual taxpayer (primary or secondary), a business taxpayer (sole proprietor, partner, or corporate officer), or an authorized third party.See IRC section 7213, IRC section 7213A , and IRC section 7431.If an IRS employee makes a voluntary, intentional disclosure, the employee may be subject to criminal penalties including a fine, imprisonment, and loss of employment.

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Inadequate authentication of the identity of a caller could result in an "unauthorized disclosure" of return or return information.

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