Intimidating meaning in tagalog

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Intimidating meaning in tagalog

It makes me sad to think that people are trapped like I was so many years ago.Well, I don’t have to rely solely on personal experience to draw my conclusions from.The KJV is actually nothing more than a translation in a long line of translations.The KJV New Testament (and all editions since Tyndale) was compiled primarily from the Byzantine family of manuscripts (AD 500 – 1000) frequently referred to as the Textus Receptus (Latin for Received Text).I started reading the New International Version (henceforth NIV) and after I got over my initial guilt which was highly unfounded, I actually understood the Bible for the first time in my life.

They believe that the KJV is the version of the Bible that is closest to the original.As with other areas of the IFB belief system, this falls along a continuum of beliefs.On the more liberal side of the continuum, some IFB churches believe that the KJV is the most accurate version of the Bible and should be used by all Christians to avoid heretical views and beliefs.It was weird to me that they would accept the Pastor’s explanation, but refuse to use a different version of the Bible for an explanation. I often wondered if the Pastors really knew what the meanings were or if they were simply repeating what they had learned thus perpetuating the lie.I was also told that understanding the KJV would come with spiritual maturity.

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On the more conservative side of the continuum, some IFB churches believe that the KJV is THE original Word of God.

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