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Granny sex chat no login

I started to suck on her tits for a little while, and then positioned myself between her legs. It felt so goddam good to be fucking this elderly nymph.

I pushed my cockhead against her opening and slowly pushed it in. I thrusted into her slowly, giving her constant, steady, deep and firm strokes.

Throwing caution to the wind, I got her ready for bed and tossed my clothing aside and got in with her. but in old age they were now very saggy as hell with some stretch marks on.

and a few blue veins But her nipples were larger than normal nipples I’d seen, and red and I gently kissed them and being daring had a suck of one which went erect!

There have been many other exciting and erotic moments since then.

Usually I can last for a good while when the fucking is as gentle as this—but her pussy was too soft, sending me into a dizzying state of ecstasy. Finally I shot a giant load deep in her snatch, I filled her with my hot seed. I got up and went to the bathroom to clean up and get my clothes on..

I wonder if they knew that I was walking around with a raging hardon.

I wanted to grab one and fuck the shit out of them!!

My Gran was ill one day when I was visiting and was in her own room with a do not disturb sign had staff up most of the night but had managed to relax and have a little sleep.

I opened the door and saw her lying down fast asleep.

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