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He pushed the second guy out of the way and kissed me, shoving his tongue in my mouth as he shoved his cock in my pussy. Then he picked me up by my arms, dragged me to the front door and threw me into the parking lot. I lay there looking up at the stars circling overhead.

The sounds coming from my cunt were loud and sloshing. My hand slipped down to my pussy, and I found my clit.

The straw that broke the camel's back was when he forced me to drink a concoction of semen and urine from another girl's ass. It was a horrible, brutal rape of a helpless woman. I was confident that because of my martial arts training that, as long as they didn't tie me, I could get out of even the stickiest situation.

One other aspect of my life that I don't talk about often, is that one of those psychiatrists decided that part of my problem stemmed from being a helpless victim in all of that.

I was making a decent salary, working long, hard hours. During my first few years out of Law School, I really tried to leave my slave life behind. I demanded real dates (well, I did that in college, too. A couple other guys wanted to fuck me also, but the Dom wouldn't let them. I was never a pain slut, but I got known as the girl who could and would take a whipping. I began auditioning for various Doms, but just couldn't find the right match. (Don't worry, we're getting there.) Laura was a pro bono case I was working. She was a girl who had been gang raped by the local high school football team (all over the age of 18). Because of my own background, I dove into the case. I put the file away, and swore never to read the description again, never again look at the photos of that frightened victim. My only excuse was that I was not imagining Laura in that room... I became obsessed with the idea of being gang raped. The trips to the BDSM clubs tapered off and when I did go, I fought back, so that they'd tie me tighter, whip me harder, the whole time imagining that I was not there of my own free will. I still could not get the idea of the rape out of my head. I still dated a bit, and tried to think about being raped while I had sex with my dates, but they were too gentle.

I went the usual (for then) routes for meeting guys. My reputation was that if you bought me dinner, I'd fuck you for dessert.) I no longer fucked guys until the third date (although my Hitachi Wand got quite a workout during this time). I doubt most of them had even heard of The Story of O, let alone read it. I went into the bar, dressed in as nondescript clothing as I could devise. Every eye in the place snapped onto me like radar when I walked in.

Things got a little blurry for a while, but we ended up in the office at the back, where he threw me on a sofa. I got up and tried to run, he caught me and threw me back down. After a couple of minutes, he climbed off my chest, and shoved his cock into my pussy. I was at once frightened and yet incredibly turned on.

He looked a little surprised at how easily it went in. He pinned my hands over my head while he fucked me.

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