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In Washington DC alone, trafficking innocent children is a 0 million industry.

Since 2004, Innocents at Risk has been working to raise awareness about the horrors of child trafficking in America and around the world.

According to the Department of State, 2 million women and children are victims of human trafficking every year.

In the United States, 300 thousand children are forced into child prostitution and child pornography each year.

Hotel staff, when trained properly, can be the eyes and ears for these innocent children.

It is crucial that we learn what to look for so that we may all fight against this modern day slavery.

These guardians in the air have been trained to look for suspicious situations regarding women and children.We hope we can count on you to be a sponsor for the event.We have enclosed a sponsorship form and your early participation is greatly appreciated.We are dedicated to protecting children from all forms of abuse, and work to end child exploitation and child trafficking everywhere.Human Trafficking is a 0 billion industry worldwide, and it is happening throughout the world in every country and across the United States in every major city and small town.

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