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In his second statement on the matter, Eminem apologized Thursday (December 4) for an old freestyle in which he offensively disses black women, and he took The Source to task for trying to exploit the recording.

Two weeks ago, in a much ballyhooed press conference, The Source magazine co-founder and rapper Benzino unveiled what he perceived to be a smoking gun showing Eminem was destructive to hip-hop culture (see "The Source Digs Up Tape Of Eminem Using Racial Slurs").

The discrepancy means the difference between a tape recorded by a grown man and a growing adolescent.Men may love plus sized women, but I don’t want my naturally thin sisters to feel left out.But the truth is undeniable: skinny women are better represented than size 16 women in the media, despite statistics making clear that we are now the country’s most common size.In becoming an adult, I've seen what hip-hop and rap music can do to touch millions of people.The music can be truly powerful, and it has helped improve race relations in a very real way.

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4.  Fluvia Lucerda" data-reactid="100"Fluvia Lucerda is often called the Gisele of the plus sized modeling world.

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