Double your dating jar

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Double your dating jar

Firstly, I recommend you and your husband sit down and write out a bucket list of all the fun things you desire to do this summer. Every Saturday is our day to check off one of our bucket list desires! Putting together an intentional list to go on adventures, explore, and play with your spouse and then doing those things is one of the best ways to strengthen your marriage relationship!

My friend Chrys compiled a buck list of date ideas with her husband, including things both of them have fun doing.

The basic premise of making butter is to agitate a measure of cream until the butterfat separates from the buttermilk, using a hand-churn, mechanical device or a simple jar.

We’re going to look at the most stripped-back version of butter making and use a lidded jar.

Likely an old method of making and preserving butter, some tested lumps of bog butter were made of dairy products while others were meat-based.

Bog butter is found buried inside some sort of wooden container, such as buckets, kegs, barrels, dishes and butter churns.

If you prefer, you can do this by pressing the butter with a wooden spoon against the side of a bowl.

At some point, you will feel and hear a ‘thunk’ as the butter starts to separate.

Below is my friend’s list of some of the fun summer date ideas they came up with…and the good news is these are all inexpensive, yet awesome experiences!

My friend Chrys also suggest that this date jar is a great way to be intentional to capture memories with your spouse.

If you haven’t yet tried making your own butter, then don’t wait another day.

It’s kitchen alchemy at it’s easiest, and great fun to make with the kids.

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Pour the buttermilk into another jar, replace the lid and put into the refrigerator for future use.

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