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Delayed response online dating

Honestly, almost every first date I went on was exciting…but I only ended up marrying one of those women! Just don’t allow first-date excitement or romantic daydreaming to prevent you from looking for other first dates.

I swipe, swipe, swipe, match, swipe, swipe, swipe, match, and then, when all the dust settles, I never even send a message. I understand the frustration: My behavior makes no sense. Yes, it's certainly possible to elevate the banter, but that brings us to the next issue…2.

Just keep in mind, it’s not cheating or deceitful to look for other dates.

Again, I’ve made this argument plenty of times here so if you want to see where I stand in detail, check out my article on Dating Multiple People (and Why You Should be Doing It).

Sometimes one of the women will take the initiative and message me first. The flirting is "on spec."Men are ready to meet women right away, but most women need some back-and-forth. Somewhere between 10 percent and 95 percent of all men are creepy and should be avoided.

Sometimes I'll respond and sometimes, well, I won't. This means that the Tinder chitchat is an audition, of sorts, to see if men have wit. Once we start messaging, there are three possible scenarios: (1) We could meet and go out. (3) The woman never really wanted to go out in the first place but sort of messes around on Tinder for fun.

they were meant for each other from the very first email.

Some of the kids couldn't wait; they swallowed it right away.

They gave the kids a choice: They could eat one marshmallow immediately, or two marshmallows if they waited 15 minutes.

A woman once opened with, "Hey Jeff, you look sporty—tell me something clever to say at my Super Bowl party on Sunday please." This was a pretty great opening. Ten days later she followed up with, "And the point of being on Tinder if you don't interact with girls you match with is...? We're doing it on speculation, hoping that we'll pass the audition and meet in person. (This last category is the female equivalent of what I'm doing—we should date.) Because No. 3 are a very real possibility, this introduces an element of risk: The whole enterprise could be a waste of time.

Flirty, flattering, cheeky, and it gave a conversational hook. Ironically, both genders are motivated by the same factor—not wasting time—but we do it in reverse.

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He actually asked me to meet him and I want to be excited, but I also don’t want to be disappointed. The advice I gave her and what I’d offer for situations like this isn’t horribly romantic.