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It does seem a bit odd; meeting each other in real life after an initial online contact.

It does happen quite often anyway, already since the first chat groups there seems to be a need to meet ‘the other’ in real life. While internetting was for the ‘geeks’ at school, some 10-15 years ago you were even more frowned upon if you were meeting those internet people offline as well.

But there will also a larger demand for more specialized gatherings, dedicated to making new useful contacts.

There is a demand and more Twittershizzles or whatever you’d like to come up with will be there soon.There have been countless examples all over the world of interesting events, in Holland there are “tweetups” and things like “Mobile Monday”.However, I think we will see in the rest of this year that organizations will plan these type of events more on their own to attract a specific audience of consumers, reviewers or promoters and get these all together in a fun but (commercially) useful way.Even today online communication is sometimes met with disbelief, but as more and more people have been using the internet it has started to become normal to have online friends.Using this momentum, the internet meeting is starting to break through , maybe as early as this year.

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Pretty soon, I can probably expect Russian/Iraqi/Canadian spies to come bursting in and kidnap me to take me to some hole in the floor or something. But I do know by now, I’ve seen this online dating commercial a lot. I keep trying to get people to call me Master Carin, sort of like if I had a Ph. This commercial 100% makes me not want to invest in their dating site. How is this not the most uncomfortable interview ever? I’m so glad you came over to ask me, or else this wonderful meet-cute never would have happened! where you can meet people who meet all the criteria you’re looking for? ” Or saying, “What if I told you I can only poop if my long haired cat is looking directly at me? ” My response to every single one of those hypothetical questions would be her exact response in this commercial. okay…” This is the female way of saying “Oh shit, get me the hell out of here.” But since hired this dashing young bloke to conduct this scintillating interview, he just continues onward as if she really, truly, honestly, actually means “okay.” Which she doesn’t.

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