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I got to know his children and traveled to Minneapolis and San Francisco to be introduced to his three older brothers. It was so comfortable this way — why rock the boat?This arrangement was also economical, plus it comes with a sense of freedom. But we can each spend our money — and large chunks of our time — as we wish.You would also have a tough time contesting a will if your partner has not legally assigned assets to you and your children.

I had just published a book about women who married for the first time after 40 — the result of a highly publicized cover story I wrote for New York magazine.John and I met 20 years ago through a personals ad at least a decade before the virtual avalanche of online dating sites.On paper, we couldn’t have been more different: I’m Jewish, was raised in western New York, lived in New York City, and had never been married or even engaged.“He asked me to move into his apartment, but he made it clear that marriage was not on his agenda.He had been married before and didn’t want to ‘fail’ again. We have an intimacy that works without the stresses of bringing up children. I’m freer in this relationship, and I can’t imagine living without him.” This is exactly how I feel about John.

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(Widows who remarry may keep the benefits if they’re over 60.) If both partners are working, filing separate income tax forms is often more advantageous than filing jointly. They are not responsible for the medical debts or expenses of a domestic partner.