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You are in an organization that I am the head of and will work very hard.We have a philosophy derived from sacred Gaden and we have an immaculate protector(s).We have direction, we have purpose, we have hope and we have AN INCREDIBLE GOAL. Whether you are in or out IS NOT PHYSICAL BUT MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL.You may be in, but if you are still attached to your old life of sleep, deceptive freedom, friends, conveniences, easy life, socializing et al, then you will not perform well here or anywhere. Whatever you are failing in Kechara is what you were failing in before you came to Kechara.Forgive me if it sounds offensive, I do not mean it to be.Tsem Rinpoche Dear XXXX, It’s very simple, you want ‘in’ or ‘out’?But outside of Kechara, rarely do others want to or will cover you over and over again. The river is likened to many others around you that are into the same goal and work hard. You are mature and older and you have to be double most of the people around you.Age is suppose to confer wisdom, maturity, stability and qualities others may look up to.

This love and support will NEVER BE FOUND ANYWHERE ELSE. Because you can’t rob someone and then it’s ok with just a letter.

The very purpose you are in dharma now is you have seen through the fallacies of life’s empty samsaric promises. If you are in, you join an accepting group of people who literally wants to make a difference in the world.

It is not by nice words, drinking endless cups of coffee in cafes, bantering gossip about friends and life in restaurants or rubbing shoulders with this or that friends who are just as unhappy as you BUT without a clue to a solution.

EVERYONE IN THE WORLD WHETHER THEY ARE UP OR DOWN MUST PRODUCE WORK RESULTS TO SURVIVE TO LIVE. You can cause those around you to have doubts, be depressed, be demotivated, not perform well and when you finally ‘bounce’ back from your current down episode, the people around you are down again… Then when they come up, you are in your endless cycle of down again. If you have been a person without goals and now you are in a rush-rush hectic Kecharian environment of goal driven environment, count yourself lucky. Because together with others you can achieve what you couldn’t achieve alone before you entered Kechara. Because think of the hundreds over decades that disappoint me and I still have to keep going. Because I am better than you, no not really…but because I focus on the goal and not my emotions as much.

Whether you are in Kechara or not, you will be up and down and you still have to produce. Since you ‘don’t’ perform well, have so many ups and downs and you are not driven, then rather than paddle 1,000 miles on a static lake to get to the shore, you are on a river where you paddle and the river pushes you towards the other end also. I receive hundreds of apologies over the years, very few move me or make me believe. I focus on my goals and realize without dharma goals I HAVE NOTHING. They have nothing of worth and value they can take at death yet they live as if there is no death. Silly selfishness hidden behind depressions, down time and feeling like we can’t do it.

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If you are a bad communications person, then you make me and Kecharians suffer now for it.

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