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Battery dating violence

A conviction for a first degree misdemeanor may result in a sentence of imprisonment for up to one year.Note: State laws are always subject to change through the passage of new legislation, rulings in the higher courts (including federal decisions), ballot initiatives, and other means.For example, a threat of physical harm might become an assault charge, while physical contact or injury might become a battery charge.

Domestic violence may be charged as an assault, which is a second degree misdemeanor, or aggravated assault, which is a third degree felony.Under Florida law, domestic violence charges can be brought in many different situations against anybody who lives with someone else. So do fathers and sons, brothers and sisters, girlfriends and boyfriends, and even roommates.All it takes is for an argument to get out of hand!Alternatively, state laws permit the court to decide on a sentence of probation or community service.Additionally, a state prosecutor can charge a perpetrator of domestic violence with other criminal offenses established by Florida law.

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For example, state residents can request injunctions, also known as restraining orders, through the Florida family courts.