Backdating software trading stock stocks dating

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Backdating software trading stock stocks dating

Difference between Serialized and Non-serialized Items. A serial number is a unique, identifying number or group of numbers and letters assigned to an individual Item.Serialized items are generally high value items for which you need to warranty's and service agreements.Note: While filling the valuation rates of Items, if you wish to find out the valuation rates of all items, you can go to stock and click on Item Prices report. How Stock Reconciliation Works Stock Reconciliation on a specific date means balance quantity frozen for that item on reconciliation date, and shall not get affected due to stock entries made before its date.Example: Item Code: ABC001 Warehouse: Mumbai Let's assume stock as on 10th January is 100 nos.Open new Stock Reconciliation form to see download option. Do not edit the headers which are preset in the template.In the Item Code and Warehouse column, enter exact Item Code and Warehouse as created in your ERPNext account.By default Temporary Opening is created in the chart of account which can be used here.

Non Serialized items are generally fast moving and low value item, hence doesn't need tracking for each unit.

Items like screw, cotton waste, other consumables, stationary products can be categorized as non-serialized.

You can upload your opening stock balance in the system using Stock Reconciliation.

Therefore understanding the drivers that influence demand is critical to understanding the whole story behind backdating of executive stock options.

The question of demand requires consideration of what an executive receives in monetary value from a backdated option (i.e., an option that appears to be an at-the-money option with an earlier grant date but is, in fact, in-the-money on the actual grant date) compared to a currently dated at-the-money option.

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We tie this to the favorable Canadian tax treatment of executive options relative to their treatment in the United States.

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