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Truth be told, the result would've been the same had she gone.

Her lack of interest in men wasn't something that she advertised, but neither was it something that she hid or was ashamed of.

The pay wasn't bad either and the job gave her plenty of time to read and study.

Finally, regardless of what job she held in the corporation, Roxanne was eligible for tuition reimbursement, which practically doubled her pay since she was getting back almost everything she was playing for school.

"By the way, Lass, they finally fixed the camera in the copy room, so be sure to count it when you make your log entries." "It's broken for six months and someone finally gets a burr up their ass and fixes it on a day that no one wants to work," Roxanne thought as she thanked him for the information as the door close behind him, "That's corporate efficiency at work." With the room now all to herself, Roxanne leaned back in the big comfortable chair and closed her eyes for a few moments. All you had to do was monitor the cameras set out in various public spaces around the office and take note of anything unusual.

If there ever was something you felt should be checked out, all you had to do was call down to the desk and one of those guards there would be sent to take a look.

What John had said about a lot of men being disappointed she wasn't there.Because she did, she was going to miss the company's legendary Christmas party, held this year at the skylight lounge up on the twenty-ninth floor.It was an event that people waited for all year, and she was going to miss it."You just enjoy yourself for both of us," she finally said."That I will," John said as she gathered his things and began to leave, "and my Elle said to especially thank you for coming in early so we could go to the party.

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