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Each skeleton is held together with silver wire, and mounted on a 5 cm thick lithium carbide disk, with a radius of 0.3 meters.

Every instance of SCP-2263 has a descriptive tag affixed to its third left rib.

The Foundation first became aware of SCP-2263 after local authorities investigated a break-in report and discovered SCP-2263's anomalous properties.

Objects were recovered by Mobile Task Force Omicron-3 ("Spooky Scary") over the course of 13 hours.

When “told” an actual joke, rim-shot is accompanied by a laugh track matched to an episode of the television program When struck, each bone of SCP-2263-60 will emit a distinct musical tone.

I loafe and invite my soul, I lean and loafe at my ease observing a spear of summer grass.If all goes according to plan I will be in the states to personally pick them up very soon.I will have your money plus a little extra for your hard work. Object also emits a high pitched ringing noise and occasionally will begin rotating at approximately 30000 rpm for exactly 15 seconds SCP-2263 was discovered in a warehouse in ███████, Ohio, which was registered to a Mister Johann ████.Upon research it has been discovered that no such person had ever lived in the town.

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